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Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Whisperer of MN

Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Whisperer of MN

Learn all about the Trainer Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Whisperer of MN located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Whisperer of MN
Contact: Robert Cole
Location: Minnetonka, MN 55345USA (see map)
Phone: 612-978-2231
2 Ratings
About Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Whisperer of MN

The Dog Whisperer of MN utilizes social nature and breaking down issues to an understandable conversation; hence dog whispering or dog psychology.

What is Dog Whispering?

“Dog Whispering”is the branch of behavioral psychology focusing on subtle and often non-verbal communication from a dog.”

The Dog Whisperer of MN’s method of dog behavior training and rehabilitation is described as “dog whispering”. Dog Whisper Training involves dissecting and interpreting the communication of a dog during certain situations, mostly when the dog is doing something that would be considered negative. (acting aggressive, fearful, intense or hyper etc) Taking those moments and being able to take the conversation with the dog and translate it into human terms while not fogging the interaction. Looking at it from the primal nature of a dog and understanding the ways dogs interact, correct, reward and create hierarchy of the unit (alpha/beta) then utilizing those means of communication and structure to go through the escalation and de-escalation cycle. This can get quite complicated, mastering this method of behavioral psychology is not something that someone can just read about and put it into practice. Rather it is something that is developed through hands on experience with all different types of dog behaviors over an indefinable amount of time. It is learning a new language and mastering that language even though the concept of this language tends to be completely alien to most people. This is where Robert Cole comes in. Robert understands the ins and outs of dog behavior and communication. He has been working with dogs his entire life which has given him over 20 years of practical experience.

Robert Cole has a deep understanding of dog behavior and communication, making him a master at being able to pick up on and interpret the subtleties of canine communication and translating it to the people he works with in an easy to understand way. He understands that it takes time for the owners to learn this unique method of training. He stays patient with the owners while they go through the exercises and situations, retraining them selves on how to interact with their dog during certain times. Utilizing positive rewards, when appropriate and never violent or “mean”, Robert builds the relationships from the ground up putting the owners in the position of direction giver and assisting them to gain the respect and trust of their dog effectively balancing their dog out behaviorally and really adding value to their pet. The Dog Whisperer of MN is the only dog training company which can confidently guarantee their dog behavior programs. With experience and knowledge, through The Dog Whisperer of MN’s Robert Cole, you will learn everything you need as you get the ball rolling on your new relationship with your dog by teaching the owners how to “dog whisper and keeping them determined and diligent with the steps of the program.

Whether you are dealing with Dog aggression Problems, Fearful Dog Problem, Dog Anxiety, Dog Hyper Activity Problems or even if you are just looking for basic puppy obedience training, You can feel confident when you hire The Dog.Whisperer of MN, Robert is in the business of helping and saving families and the dogs that may be tearing them apart! With The Dog Whisperer of MN, you learn the skills you need to rehabilitate and mold the dog you want and earn your rightful place in your dogs eye.

Do you live in Minnesota? Are looking for Dog Behavior Training in MN? Robert Cole, The Dog Whisperer of MN, will help you and is the only Dog Behavior Training Company in MN that can guarantee your successful dog rehabilitation!?

Trainer Certifications

  • ABCDT - Certified by (graduated from) Animal Behavior College

Services Offered By This Trainer

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • Barking

  • AKC Canine Partner

  • Service Dog Training

  • Bolting

  • Chewing

  • Family Dog Training

  • Jumping

  • Leash Pulling

  • Obedience Training

  • Post-Baby Strategies

  • Puppy Training

  • Socialization

Trainer Facilities

Dog Behavior Problems can be a challenging ordeal. Human Behavior, at times, even more so. Whether you are dealing with dog behaviors like dominance issues, dog aggression, dog anxiety, fear related dog issues or are just looking for puppy training tips, The Dog Whisperer of MN has you covered! This dog behavior blog will give you enjoyable and relevant reading material.

Through Robert Cole’s more than 10 years experience working in dog behavior and understanding of the social behavior of dogs and people, you will receive the information and education you need to be the dog owner you want to be and the owner your dog deserves by learning to understand the psychological process of escalation and relaxation.
Do you have a dog behavior problem and need help now? Want to know more info about one of The Dog Whisperer of MN’s dog behavior training programs, and would like to speak with us or set up a training session? CONTACT US TODAY!


Trainer Shipping, Warranty & Return Policy

Guarantee is included with a qualified dog behavior training program.

Trainer Goals & Standards

Compassionate and understanding to client's financial needs as well as their specific expectations for their dog. Always honest, forward, friendly and professional. Training will be fun, insightful and rewarding without feeling like you're dumb or a bad owner.

Trainer History

Joined Site: May 2013
Date Last Updated: May, 2013

Acceptable Payment Methods

AmericanExpress, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa

Trainer Reviews & Ratings
Average Rating  
  (2 Ratings)
  Makes you believe he can train a puppy take your money and run!   December, 2013
This individual took our puppy for a week training and guaranteed he would come back fully trained. Charged $1300, because of the reviews of this website we decided to go ahead with him. Worse decision we ever made. We were very clear on what we wanted, he did exactly the opposite and posted it to facebook. Had our puppy sleep on couch, bed, he refused to call our puppy by his name and gave him silly ones (also documented on fb) Came back with no understanding of any commands. He was sleeping through the night when he left, upon his return his behavior was a disaster. We followed all the instructions given to us when we picked him up. After a few days we contact Mr Cole, he gave us a few tips and that he would follow up. Three months later we got every excuse for not showing up to scheduled meetings (did not even give a courtesy phone call to say he was not coming) he had lice, cancer, moving from his home again, and just plain busy. We have asked for a refund but of course no answer. A lawyer friend reviewed our case and documentation and suggested taking him to small claims court. Now we know he has many legal problems and has deceived other hard working families. To this date Dec/13 no resolution to the mater. Stay away!! Many other good training programs in the area.
  You Deserve it to yourself and your dog to invest in The Dog Whisperer of MN   May, 2013   by
I adopted a puppy from a local rescue and she was sweet to start than started taking over the house. She began being more physical and even mouthy. Eventually, she even nipped at a friend. I was very worried about the liability of what may happen next. I am so glad I had Robert work with my puppy. He truly is The Dog Whisperer of MN. With in the first 3 or 4 sessions, she was following along and I could see a dramatic change in her over all behavior. Very sweet and seemed much happier. Although spendy, was 100% worth the investment. My dog now is happy to follow, great with everyone and is currently on her way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen! I can't thank Robert for everything he taught me and my dog. Highly recommend him to anyone with a dog problem.