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Candy Coated Doxie

Candy Coated Doxie

Learn all about the Breeder Candy Coated Doxie located in Mooresville, Missouri. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
Candy Coated Doxie
Contact: Abigale Whatley
Location: Mooresville, MO 64664USA (see map)
Phone: 660-738-4424
Specialty: Dachshund (Standard)
31 Ratings
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Added To Site By Editor: May 2012
Date Last Updated: May, 2012

Breeder Reviews & Ratings
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  (31 Ratings)
  Do not buy from this breeder   April, 2015   by
We recently bought a dog from them. The puppy looked very unhealthy and when I took her to the vet, the vet had told me that she has worms. They also claimed that they didn't recoeve two of the deposits that I sent them.
  I was scammed by Abigale Whatley of candycoateddoxie, she took my money and never sent my puppies or my money back.   September, 2014   by

I was scammed by Abigale.

I live in England. I was very happy to find Mikis for sale on Puppyfind.
I sent Abigale Whatley of candycoateddoxie money for Miki puppies last December 2013 and for their travel to England. I never received my puppies, I got excuse after excuse by email and on the phone from Abigale personally. She promised to return my money in full. I have not received any money back after numerous promises.
I also hired a solicitor in England to summons my money back, she has ignored all demands. I am devastated, I have lost all my money to her so far and she has broken my heart.
. I WILL pursue this matter through the courts. Please feel free to email me for more information laurajcraig4@icloud.com Stupidly I believed this woman's lies and promises. Please don't get caught as I did, she sounded the nicest person possible. If you google candycoateddoxie you will see many damning reports on Abigales business practices and the condition of her dogs.
Yours sincerely Laura Craig.
  My experience with Candy Coated Doxies   November, 2013   by
I purchased a Doxie puppy from them 4 years ago. Abigale was in constant contact with me answering all my questions and even asked what I was going to name her so they could start calling her by name. I was to pick up my puppy at their kennel on my way back from vacation. I had explained I was coming from a vacation in New Orleans and I would have nothing with me for the puppy so I double checked about the puppy starter kit that is listed as given with each puppy. I was reassured I didn't need to worry, because everything I needed was in that kit. Then I started getting nervous because she was no longer answering my emails after I sent the money. I had already set the day for when I would arrive in Moorseville for the pick up. As the pick up date got closer I could not get in touch with Abigale through email. I started calling. Finally after 4 or 5 tries per telephone, she answered the phone and I told her I would be there in 2 days to get my little puppy. She was extremely nervous and said she would call me right back. She did call me back and told me her husband would meet us at another town with the puppy. (First sign of a puppy mill when her site says to come any time and share a cup of coffee.) The town where we were meeting was farther out of our way but at this time I just wanted my puppy. She sent her husband to meet us and he came in his truck with nothing but the puppy. We were upset about no starter kit and he said he didn't know anything about that. He did find an old, used toy in the truck he gave us. He also was calling her a nick name (not at all the name we told Abigale and Abigale said she was going to start calling her by that name.) Here we were still 2 days from our home, our puppy dropped off with nothing.
Our first stop was to get all the neccessary puppy items we needed. She was sick with diarrhea all the rest of our trip (could have been from traveling.) When we finally got home we took her to the Vet who said the shots documented were "questionable" so all shots had to be given to her again. Her bottom jaw did not grow so she has, and will have for the rest of her life jaw problems. She has a hard time eating food and drinking water. She had never stepped her little paws on grass before. You could tell by the way she was walking on the grass. Even though the website claims they all had outside exercise play time in the grass. The whole website was a farse. This says puppy mill all over.
Her mother has been listed under different dame names so they were breeding the mother more than they should have and just changing her name. A friend of mine wrote Abigale and said he was interested in a Doxie and asked about the kennels. They sent him a picture of a beautiful brand new kennel that clearly had just been built somewhere..... but not there. When my friend asked to see the same picture this time with the dogs in the kennel, Abigale would not respond. She cut off all comunication with him.
Even though I love my little girl Doxie so much and she has the best personality... from my experience this is definitely a puppy mill or as close to a puppy mill as you can get. How many of you who rated Candy Coated Doxies positive, actually picked up your puppy from their "home or heated/air conditioned kennel" in Moorseville? If you had them sent to you, you can not possibly know if this is a puppy mill or not. The site originally stated, stop in, have a cup of coffee and check us out but when I wanted to go there to pick up my puppy she quickly changed the meeting place to another town with the excuse she would not be home. Her husband was home though because he delivered the puppy. ??? Does this not sound like a puppy mill? I feel bad for all these dogs, adults and puppies as they clearly do not have a good life. We need to rescue them all, report them and shut this place down! Please don't feel the need to give a positive rating if you have not persobnally gone to the establishment to see that this is not a puppy mill. unless you are a friend or relative of this family, I bet no one else can say they have.
  PLEASE READ   October, 2013
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read all the negative reviews. There are some positive, but far more negative! She is a horrible breeder and a puppy mill. I do not even know where to begin - send me sick puppies, wrong puppy then what the photos was, she stoled a photo from another breeder's website stating it was the puppy. She lies and lies and promises you the world! Please take these reviews seriously. And yes, I do have other things to do, but I want to get this message out there - to be very careful about this breeder.
  Terrific experience   October, 2013
Abigail was terrific. Not only did she make the entire transaction easy and worry free, but she was super attentive and available to answer questions after we received our Mi-Ki. What stands out about her is that she actually enjoys helping. Our Mi-Ki arrived in very good condition and has grown into a wonderful dog. She gets my highest recommendation.
  Wonderful pet and Awesome breeder   September, 2013
After reading some of these reviews I have to wonder if there is someone that is REALLY upset with Ms. Abbie for some unknown reason or if they even know her at all because the woman they are taking about is not the person I've know for years. I've gotten many dachshunds from Ms. Abbie in the past and was very pleased with every one of them. Jim and Ms. Abbie are two of the nicest, kindest, most caring, sweet and loving people I know. They live their animals and treat them very well.

If this is one person posting all the negative things I think it's sad that you have nothing better to do with your life than try and hurt someone else.
  Liar and a fraud!!!   September, 2013
This lady is a FRAUD!!! The dog I thought I had purchased was a 1 pound yorkie who couldn't ship until it was 12 weeks old because the puppy was "so small", but to my surprise I received a solid 4 pound dog that looked NOTHING like the pictures I got from her. When I confronted her about the issue she became very defensive and told me to send the dog back and she would refund me the money AFTER she had the dog in her hands. I do not trust this lady one ounce anymore and am forced to sell it myself for most likely less than what I paid, as I paid decent money thinking I was getting a tiny dog. I convinced myself to ignore the negative reviews when purchasing her, but please do not make the same mistake I did!!!!! She is very sweet and convincing on the phone, but she is a liar!!
(This is not a fake review like some people are mentioning. I am a very angry customer)
  PUPPYMILL   September, 2013   by
call the usda and the akc and the police if Jim Whatley or Abbie Whatley try to sell you a dog..they use fake names they register dogs in their son Codys name, they steal online photos take your money and do not sell u a dog. local shippers have boycotted them..Every one I talk to has had a death from their dogs.They use missourri puppymill auctions to buy and sell their animals. This is not a breeder. Took my Money and never delivered my puppy!. Google them look at ripoff reports and the BBB they will take your money and you will never see your puppy. They ripped me off
Edited by Lori, April, 2016
  NEVER shipped puppy and never returned depsoit...   September, 2013
My experience with the Whatleys began in the spring of 2009. (They had not registered with this site at the time or I would have left a review sooner.) We picked out a puppy, sent a deposit and excitedly waited for the shipping day. The day our puppy was expected to be shipped we received a call saying that there had been a "delay". A few days later and no further communication from them, we began impatiently calling and requesting updates. Excuse after excuse was given, until finally they said the puppy had died. She said we could pick another available puppy or have our deposit returned. We chose the deposit. Then the excuses began again... they sent the money, it should arrive shortly, my husband is not working, and all the way to a boy from their neighborhood had passed and they were helping the family and consequently did not have money to send at the time. I was very understanding and even set-up a monthly payment plan for them to return our money. But after 8 months of constant excuses we eventually gave up. We contacted the BBB and they refused to respond to our case so it was "closed without response". I wish I could have written this review then and saved many others their obviously hurtful latter experiences.
  Candy Coated Doxies Are The Best   April, 2013
We received our puppy yesterday afternoon viva DELTA. She came in clean, healthily and all paper work in order. Our gift bag came last week for her to have upon her arrival. I am not sure of the neg. reviews but the posters are nothing like we have with our puppy. Our puppy is perfect our Vet. even commented on well the puppy was cared for and very social unlike most breeders. We are happy with the breeder and very happy with our puppy. I would never think of buying a puppy from anyone else and I would not let the negativity of these other reviews stop me from purchasing a puppy from Candy Coated Doxie. I personally believe like one poster these are fake with an underlining motive. Our experience couldn't be better the and the family that recommend this breeder to us in the first place has 3 of Candy Coated puppy's. Mrs. Whatley answered all of questions was available for all our questions sent pictures upon our request, I don't think any breeder could be more considerate or more compassionate about breeding dachshunds.
Abigale Whattley and her husband Jim are breeders who are only about their bottom dollar. I purchased a puppy from them in Dec 2012. We received the puppy (two + weeks late) in the middle of February. He had a kennel cough and there was something else obviously wrong with him. Mrs. Whattley claimed it must be an ear infection or that the airline dropped him. $700 in vet bills later we found out that he had a congenital disease whose symptoms should have been caught when their vet performed their so called "health check". We have now had a surgery done costing over $3000. All we asked for in return was our money back. I have a written agreement with Abigale Whattley promising us a refund of the purchase price. We have not seen a dime, although they have sworn that it was sent over 3 weeks ago. I have caught her lie after lie and I am tired of dealing with them. It is not about the money, it is about being responsible. It is because of people like this that breeds become tainted.
  Do not trust!   April, 2013
I purchased my little guy a little over a year ago and would never give him up however I was lied to multiple times by Abigail. When I found her online I had picked out a puppy listed as a yorkiepoo with a picture or a black and brown puppy. When he arrive to my home in RI he was miraculously black with a few white spots... FAR from looking like the pictures I had seen. But I fell in love anyway.

To add insult to injury, the puppy that I had received had kennel cough and several different parasites. He was very very sick and when I confronted the normally very sweet and understanding Abigail, he's demeanor was completely different and she offered excuses and to pay for what was wrong.. Missing the point completely.

I never saw a dime nor heard anything further. Never again would I go to Abigail for a puppy, and I would highly suggest others steering clear also.
  Fake Reviews?   April, 2013
Like the commenter a few down, I'm glad I didn't read these reviews before I bought my dog. Who wrote them anyways? Other breeders trying to sabotage Abagail's business? Not only would I recommend Candy Coated Doxie to my friends, but will buy my next dog from her as well if we ever DO get another dog. She and her husband were very pleasant on the phone and did everything they said they would do.

I received our little guy on Tuesday. He's healthy and cute and bubbly. Abigail answered the phone every time I called and she sent everything we were supposed to get. I just called her (literally just called her) to ask a question about our "old" dog bonding with the new. I didn't leave a message but she saw my number on her machine and called me back within an hour after I called her, (I figured she was at church), and answered all my questions and asked how Balti was.

Also Balti arrived virtually paper trained. He has an occasional accident, but he hits the paper about 95% of the time. Now we just need to get him trained to go outside, but that is up to us to do. This is the first time I got a dog, especially at 8 weeks, that was paper trained. I seriously doubt a "puppy mill" would take the time OR effort to paper train their dogs.
  Wonderful Baby..   April, 2013
This is our second MiKi from Candy Coated Doxie and I must say he is perfect in every way. He passed his Vet. check with flying colors and is a happy healthy puppy. His papers and guarantee were in hand when our baby was delivered. I find it very strange that people leave neg. reviews on this site when in fact Candy Coated Doxie does an excellent job with the puppy's. I think there is more to these people very sad lives that would try to ruin someone else's reputation maybe slanders remarks should be investigated except these phony people do not leave names or email address, that should tell anyone looking for a puppy that buyers are sometime very nasty ugly people who either have cheated on husbands and are lonely and divorced with kids or just other breeders that are very jealous of a breeder that does an excellent job. It takes a lot of energy to write neg. views what they are not true. Maybe you should get a life not a DOG that's for sure. I have brought 2 dogs from this breeder and she is excellent. IP address can be traced! So Becareful what you say about someone that is not ture.
  Doxi Puppy   April, 2013
I am so grateful that I did not read these reviews or I would not have this most beautiful little baby sleeping on my lap now. He arrived yesterday, healthy, and happy. He is the most beautiful little puppy I have ever seen! His coat is so soft, it looks and feels like velvet. As soon as I got him out of his kennel I could tell right away that he had been loved, and very well cared for. Abigale was there for me throughout the whole process, and is still there for me. She is a wonderful person and breeder! I am "very happy" and grateful to Abigale for this beautiful little perfect puppy. :-)
  Doxie pups   April, 2013
I purchased a red female doxie from Abbie. She was a little sick just from her travels from Missouri to Pennslyvania. But soon after she was a happy and vibrant little puppy. I love her so much and was puppy pad trained when she arrived. I will be getting another pup from her again!
  Please stay away from this breeder   March, 2013
We found this breeder and our puppy on-line.She was nice & appeared trustful when I spoke with her the couple of times. She was eager for a deposit and we set a date to p/u the puppy. I got a very, very sick puppy that they said only had a cold. She had double pneumonia, a parasite in her intestine, skin infection,a misformed lower jaw.I have tried since last nov. to get papers, the health certificate,& the rest of the infor that was promised to us. I have NOT gotten anything either by phone,email, or mail. DO NOT trust her, save yourself from getting any puppies from her. We have had our puppy at the vet several, several times since we got her. She is adorable pup, but was very sick. I would never get another pup from her !!!
  Buyer Beware   March, 2013
This breeder will tell you everything you want to hear. She will NOT send you papers. I had my reservations when I asked for pictures of the parents. Both dogs did not look like “miki’s”. I wanted to believe her. I have researched this breed and it was the perfect fit for us. Well I paid $600 for a mix breed. I love her and my daughter loves her and I would never dream of getting rid of her.
Along with not getting papers, her stories/lies don’t jive. She stated my “miki” was born on Thanksgiving, however the papers from her Vet, state differently.
After calling several times, emailing several times, I finally got one paper to register the dog, the Dam was listed as White, however the picture of the mother she sent me was FAR from white, and looked like a Yorkie, again she covered it with some excuse
Do yourself a favor, google candycoateddoxies.com & Abigale Whatley and you will find several bad reviews, along with 3 strikes against her from the MO Better Business Bureau.
I thought I did my research; I emailed who I could from review sites. I was skeptical but Abigale is a great con. Buyer Beware!!!
  Sold same dog to two people   February, 2013
I purchased a solid black smooth female off of Candy Coated 4 years ago. I did get my girl but also found out right after getting her she sold this same girl to another breeder also and refused to give her her money back. I also purchased a smooth coat issabella dapple female and a smooth black and cream girl off of her. The smooth issabella girl was bald all over and the smooth black and cream girl was infested in worms. I paid $900 for a bald dog and Abbie gave me the run around for almost a year for most of my money. Never again would I buy a dog off this breeder she lies and cheats people that is just wrong.
  Love Abigale and Candycoateddoxies!   December, 2012
I have two mini dachshunds from Abigale, one is 6 and the other is 3. They are both very healthy and happy, and are both beautiful with great personalities. Abigale did everything as promised for us, and her communication was amazing. Thanks for our beautiful Hershey & Cocoa Abigale! We love them so much, thanks to you they have a happy home to live in :)
  Candy Coated Doxie Mi Ki puppies   November, 2012
We purchased two Mi Ki puppies, a female and a male, and they were adorable. Abigale Whatley was very forthright and honest. All info was accurate and the delivery was done very professionally. We were very satisfied.
  Attention do not buy from this breeder! !!   July, 2012
I have given up on contacting this lady after a year of one lie after another. I was treated the same way as many of u. She says she is a Christian lady. It isn't my place to say wether she is or isn't that is between her and the lord. I have heard the same excuses as u all did. I purchased my puppy sept 2010 and picked him up at the walmart in brookfield. I was told the papers had not arrived yet but signed a shot record sheet that is he was full akc registered and she would mail the papers and soon as she received them, that never happened. Please please beware of this buyer. Make sure u recieve the puppy and and papers at the same time. My little man is awesome and he too is a healthy 15 pound man. He definitely isn't overweight. But she did say he would be no more than 8 pounds. Please use extreme caution when buying a new family member. I am glad some of you all have had a pleasure dealing with her it is to bad that we all are not treated with theu same honesty.
    June, 2012
I purchased a Morkie from Abigail in April. Had a bit of a problem getting the puppy and never did receive anything else that was promised......."it has been sent" regarding the package. I love the puppy, he is for sure a Morkie but gotta wonder how honest Abigail is. I did email her about this but she assured me she was honest?????????????????f
  Not sure   April, 2012
I purchased a dachshund puppy from this breeder 5 years ago. I was promised papers and a puppy package and never got them. After I picked up my dog from the airport I never heard from these people again. He was claimed to be a purebred dachshund and would be no more than 5-7 pounds (he's 15! and not in any way overweight), I was also told that he would be very low to the ground (he doesn't even look like a dachshund his legs are so long!). I've tried to investigate whether or not this is a puppy mill for the last 5 years but have never really found anything. I love my dachshund, or whatever he is to death, and he has had not one medical issue over the last 5 years. I hope that these people treat their animals humanely and are not actually a puppy mill.
  So glad I read these reviews   April, 2012
Candy Coated Doxie also sells Toy Poodles. I did not know that they "raised" other breeds when I emailed them about Poodle puppies they had for sale. DUH!!!!! The email questions that I asked about the Poodle babies were never answered or emails returned. I'm thinking now after reading these reviews that it may have been a blessing. Will look elsewhere for a new addition to our Family, but will also pray for ALL of the puppies & their Parents in the care of these people.
  We have two dogs from Candy Coated Doxies   February, 2012
They are absolutely adorable and we love them both. I'm very sorry to see negative reviews. I guess you need to realize that if someone is unhappy they will be way more vocal (and it kind of sounds like the negative reviews are all from the same person based on the phrasing) than happy customers. We have one dog that is 5 and one that is 3, both from Abigail and she was very nice and helpful. She was very thoughtful and did mention that daschunds were a little nippy and said she would prefer them not go to a home with small children (which we don't have). They are both beautiful dogs, but we didn't get them for breeding, just as adored pets so I can't really saw anything about the AKC registration. Anyways Abigail if you see this thanks so much, we love our dogs and for years we'd show your website to friends so they could take a look at your adorable puppies.
  Not even worth to write a review   December, 2011
I HAVE READ SOME OF THESE REVIEWS AND JUST CANNOT BELIEVE THEM. Over the years my ENTIRE family has purchased a total of 12 puppies from Abby. My brothers and sisters and I recieved healthy loving well socialized puppies with akc papers and even bonus colars that were too cute to describe. we recomend her to everyone we meet.Every time i go to the vet I get tons of compliments on my Little Ruby and Jackson. I would never go anywhere else.
Our family had three of Candy Coated Doxie Puppys and they are perfect.
  Do NOT buy for Abigail Whatley! She is a liar/   May, 2011
I purchased a miniature dachshund puppy in Dec of 2010 from Abigail Whatley from Mooresville Missouri and she HAND WROTE me a receipt starting that is was akc registered and that she would mail me the papers and then signed that receipt. For the last 6 months, I have received many excuses: she has put the papers in the mail twice (me not receiving anything), her not receiving them back (with the return address), she had to check with the post office, the post office couldn't do anything because it wasn't certified mail, She was sick and in the hospital for a week, She was iced-in and couldn’t get to the post office, then she didn't get all three of my e-mails from two different accounts. It was a different excuse every time I called her! I just called the akc registration people and they said that she has not registered a litter of puppies since AUG of 2010 and my puppy was born in NOV of 2010. SHE IS A LIAR!!! and you should not buy her FAKE akc registered puppies. And the puppy had Worms when we received him, which is not illegal but very unprofessional! And he husband start bragging to my husband about how they have 84 dogs and that they live in there own house that is set up kind of like a chicken house. I consider that very inhuman! I would love to see her Puppy-Mill shut down. I didn’t know that it was a puppy mill when I purchased the puppy because she said that it was hand-raise with her two twin grandchildren -YEAH RIGHT! Please help me put a stop the her Puppy Mill by not purchasing a puppy from her. There are many other truthful places to buy a puppy from and if you want a puppy WITHOUT papers, go to the animal shelter- that's what Abigaile's puppies are worth. Thank You.
  Empty Promises and Health Issues!!! Beware   December, 2010
I purchased a puppy from Abigail (Candy Coated Doxies). At first I was treated like her new best friend & was told I could contact her anytime before/after I received my puppy if I ever had any questions. When I went to pick up my puppy at the airport the first thing I noticed was that the kennel was filled with shredded newspaper. NOT the soft blanket she said would be included. I did receive the AKC papers as promised but did not receive the puppy package she advertized on her website. I was supposed to receive a box with toys, a blanket, & puppy food. I received NOTHING! The next day I took the puppy to the vet as required. Not only did he have kennel cough (he MAY have gotten this from the plane transport but I suspect otherwise) but he was also infected with Demodectic Mange! The vet said this was probably due to the mother being infected with the parasites & giving it to the puppies. So on top of paying $800 for the puppy + shipping...I had to pay another $300 in vet bills the first day I had him. Not what I expected from someone who claims they treat their dogs like family & take such great care of them. I could not believe he had mange & it made me feel horrible for all the other dogs at her kennel. When I tried to contact Abigail after that all I got was her voicemail & she has never called me back about not receiving the box of puppy supplies(I think she just uses to entice people to pay the $500-700 for her dogs)or about why he had health issues! Not only does she breed Doxies but I found another website called Fairytail Frenchies which is owned & operated by Abigail & has the same address as Candy Coated Doxies.This is without a doubt a puppymill. My puppy was treated & has fully recovered except for a few areas where his hair will not grow in completely (he is completely bald on his belly). We love him to death & he is a great family dog. I would just like to warn others before they decide to purchase from this "breeder" what they may be getting into.