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Granny Grumps Pups

Granny Grumps Pups

Learn all about the Breeder Granny Grumps Pups located in La Vernia, Texas. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Contact: Jan Streight
Location: La Vernia, TX 78121USA (see map)
Phone: 210-667-9844
Specialty: Chihuahua
26 Ratings
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Added To Site By Editor: May 2012
Date Last Updated: May, 2012

Breeder Reviews & Ratings
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  (26 Ratings)
  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY   November, 2013
Maybe something has changed since we got our Chichuahua's (2) in Feb 2009; they were siblings and were 8 weeks old. We were allowed to go into the rooms where all the babies were and we took both girls immediately to our vet who pronounced them healthy. Today nearly 5 years laters they are great. I hope to have them for many years to come and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another dog from Jan.
  Amazing Chi-Weenie Puppy   November, 2013
My wife and I bought our little chi-weenie from Jan back in 2008 and he is the most precious dog ever. He was not sick at all and we found Jan to be very patient with us as we had a hard time choosing which pup we wanted. Our chiweenie is now 5 years old and is a health and happy boy.
  Please make sure you know what you are talking about before starting a witch hunt.   November, 2012
I have purchased 2 totally wonderful yorkies from granny grumps and found her to be very helpful whenever needed. To tina who is very misinformed about the connection between Justin Sullivan and Jan I would like to set some things straight. Jan is not Justin Sullivan's mother, she is not related to him at all. She does have a grandson named Justin Brodan. Do you think there is only one Justin in this world? Unfortunately she did attend the all pet expo years ago, and that is when she got linked with Justin Sullivan's name. She and most of the other breeders at that expo left him about 3 yrs ago when they realized he was buying dogs and even collecting free puppies from the newspaper and selling them without care if they were healthy or not. If you ever actually met Justin Sullivan has it occured to you that you might actually visit her and maybe meet her Justin? Anyone can sit behind their computer and accuse people but wouldn't it be nice if you knew what you were saying was true?
  Please contact me if you have been victimized!   September, 2012
I have been organizing all of the victims that have bought sick dogs from Justin Sullivan. You can visit a website that we all go to visit to keep up to date on what is going on. The website is
Please contact me as well at tinaandpatrick.com. It is VERY IMPORTANT that we all get together about this business. There has been a settlement with the State Attorney General's Office in which restitution is awarded to those that have purchased sick puppies from Justin Sullivan. It is my understanding that he is associated with this company and Jan is his mother.

May God bring peace to your soul.
Tina Barta
  stay away   January, 2012
I recently purchased a puppy two weeks ago from "granny", "jan" or whatever other names she goes by. I apparantly was one of the lucky ones. Besides receiving bogus paperwork and being told my dog was 8 weeks (he is 6 mons), my puppy has been healthy so far. After my experience with this stupid lady my heart goes out to all of you who have had to deal with this. After calling her 20 times, i finally got in touch with her only to be asked if i want a refund after i confronted her about the lies. Is she serious? Does this puppy mill runner seriously think i would return the dog to her hands? I have contacted the LaVernia Police Dept and had a very hard time explaining where she lived considering the online address and address on her card is fake. In addition, to her lies i also recieved an email today with a picture of my puppy on it saying he was for sale. I cannot believe this lady.... I encourage anyone with any information to please contact La Vernia police at (830) 393-2535.
  PLEASE HELP!!!!!   December, 2011
I recently purchased a puppy two weeks ago from "granny", "jan" or whatever other names she goes by. I apparantly was one of the lucky ones. Besides receiving bogus paperwork and being told my dog was 8 weeks (he is 6 mons), my puppy has been healthy so far. After my experience with this stupid lady my heart goes out to all of you who have had to deal with this. After calling her 20 times, i finally got in touch with her only to be asked if i want a refund after i confronted her about the lies. Is she serious? Does this puppy mill runner seriously think i would return the dog to her hands? I have contacted the LaVernia Police Dept and had a very hard time explaining where she lived considering the online address and address on her card is fake. In addition, to her lies i also recieved an email today with a picture of my puppy on it saying he was for sale. I cannot believe this lady.... I encourage anyone with any information to please contact LaVernia Police at (830) 393-2535.
  happy puppy owners   November, 2011
My husband n I bought a male yorkie from Granny back in July 09! It was the cutest yorkie. Granny made us feel at home n gave us all the information we needed to take care of our new puppy. When we got home our puppy didn't want to eat n we called granny n gave us advice. We did as she asked n it worked....by doing this we bonded with him. It is now Nov 2011 n our gizmo is the most wanted stud..lol. I don't understand what all these people bad reviews are written but I'm glad I bought from Granny...we would do it all over again. Thanks Granny for all your help n support u have given us through out the year. The Negron Family
I just brought my second puppy from Jan. My first was a poodle, which she took the time to give me all the information I needed and answered every question I had asked. I took my poodle (Oreo) to the vet and no problems what so ever. prefect health. We decided to add to our family, so again I went to Jan. (We went to her house this time). I got a small chihuahua (remi) and Jan and Justin spent over three hours talking with us. They showed us were all the puppies were and it was clean. All the puppies are inside the home with a/c. I would buy again from, Jan. Thank you so much for our beautiful kids and all the information and time you gave us.
  Buyer Beware   June, 2011
We purchased a male yorkie from Granny (Jan) and within 15 hours of having it home we had to rush him to the emergency animal hospital only to find out he had Kennel Cough, Giardiasis, earmites and heartworm. After only a few months of having him he died from all of the medical issues. It is not about the money we spent because I would do it again just to know his last months of life were full of love and attention that every puppy needs. But it is about the heart break my children had to feel everytime we had to rush him to the vet and the worst was the day they came home from school and we had to tell he that he had passed away. Maybe not every puppy from Granny Grumps is sick but the more research I do the more people I am coming across that have had the same sad outcome as we have. I would also like to add I to saw kennels full of sick puppies inside Granny's (Jan) home one night when we went to have her look at our sick puppy. I must say it seems to me the word is starting to get out about this sad PUPPY MILL, and I believe the people that are carrying on about what a great person Jan is are probably either friends, relatives, or employees. Just do your research this is a puppy mill and someone needs to do something about it.
  Heartbreaking   April, 2011
I was looking to buy a puppy with my high school graduation money. I came across Granny and went by her place to take a look at the pups. i could hear all the pups in one room. It smelt very bad and i asked to see where the pups lived and they got very angry and wouldnt let me. Having already feel in love with the yorkie i picked out i decided to buy her. I took her to the vet and they told me she had an upper respirtory infection and phnemonia and she could very likely die. Heartbroken in the vet's office my dad and i had to go return the puppy and get my money back. Jan said she would treat the puppy for free and i could buy her back. I really wanted this puppy back so i agreed. Making weekly visits to her home to see my pup Two weeks later i went back to pick her up and she was very big and changed colors. I Honestly beleived they switched the dog. I did not want to deal with this anymore so i took the dog and gave her the money. I took the dog to the vet and she had scratches and bumps everywhere i paid alot of money for her medicines to cure this and took care of her. Thankfully she's nursed back to health and is out of that puppy mill and is in a safe home where she is loved.
  breeder or hoarder   April, 2011
Honestly in my opinion this lady has issues, her house smells like dog pee and poop and is full of dog stuff and dogs, there is even a dead stuffed dog as soon as you walk into this puppy mill, how horrible. We need to call animal protective services and have her fix her problems or get shut down. Poor pups they need love and attention!
  this breeder is a liar and just out for the money!   April, 2011
Well I recently bought a shih-tzu and when I called the ad I was told this place was a pet store not a puppy mill and if I purchased I would hv registration papers with the purchased pup. I went by and turns out it is a puppy mill!! As soon as we walked in the house it smelled so bad and one room was full of dogs, I felt so bad for these puppies they aren't even bathed, the puppy I purchased had her fur full of urine, they didn't even bath her before they sold her! A good breeder has their puppies well taken care of, I am a animal lover and my heart ached so bad for these poor pups. I also took my pup to the vet asap to make sure she was healthy, turned out she has tape worms and might have heart worms! Makes sense because these people had so many masquito's in their home. Also let me mention the registration paper work she gives with all her puppies is bogus!! The Vet looked it up and there is no such thing, it is phony paperwork!! I am so furious because we were promised they were registered! Please people do your research before buying from this breeder! She's all about the money and not about the puppies.
  Male or Female?   April, 2011
I called to ask about a male puppy. I was told to hold on and then I heard several puppies crying. Then I was told, "We have so many, I don't know which are male or female." If you are raising a litter of puppies you should be able to tell them all apart and know how many girls or boys you have. You aren't selling toasters here! They need love and attention from the time they are born. If you bring them into this world, care enough to know them.
  best pups around!!!!!!number 2   February, 2011
This is for the person that said i was just lucky. I have had my puppy now for a few weeks and ther is nothing wrong with her she is perfectly healthy.once again you should quit talking shit about granny grumps and go buy a new so called healthy dog but this time make sure you take care of it!!!!Im not a personal friend of hers but i do not believe in lying about her puppies when there is nothing wrong with them.Also i do count all of my blessings but you have to remember that God helps them who help themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!Meaning you have to Take better care of your animals.so quit bitching about someone who had nothing to do with your sickly dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also i pray if you have kids you take care of them better then your puppies!!!!! THANKS FOR READING PS.I love Granny grumps pups!!!!! buy your puppies at granny grumps
  best pups around!!!!!!   January, 2011
i just bought a chihuahua from granny grumps pups and i was very happy with the puppy she is very healthy.also when i purchased the dog she was very nice and gave me exact instructions,a blanket,food,and a toy.you people that wrote those reviews that your puppies died well take care of your fuking puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and maybe you should research your vets more and quit bashing people for your stupid mistakes!!!!
  PUPPY MILL   January, 2011
To the person that went off on all the people telling their story and dealings with Granny (Jan) Grumps. You might be her friend or a lucky customer that just happen to not have a problem wih your new pet. But I am another customer that was not so lucky with the new puppy I got. My puppy did not die thank goodness but was ill with all kinds of things. I took her to the vet the very next day after gettting her too. I could go on and on about how I felt and how Granny didn't do anything to help me and my puppy. I am glad that you were lucky enough to not get a pet that was ill but there is no reason that a puppy one gets should have so many things wrong with them the very next day after going home with you. It sounds like you should could your blessing but there are several unhappy people out there and I know that I am one of them that would never tell someone to go to Granny Grumps to get a pet.
  Read What You Wrote-Ridiculous Comments   December, 2010
I purchased a happy little Chihuahua from Granny Grumps Pups. I find it distressing that many people write false reviews for someone when it appears that the reason they are unhappy is due to their own mistakes. Anyone with any knowledge about pets will know that all pets have some form of parasite in their body. In fact, that is why animals are recommended to be on a worming schedule. Duh! One person complained that their dog died 11 months later, seriously what did you do to your own dog? And to say that the many times that you went to Granny's home there were dogs in cages that were sick and dying??? Really????? Why didn't you have the media get all over that? In fact, Granny has been interviewed by the media and has passed with flying colors. Her pets appear to be well cared for and happy. To the other person that was given a free adoption dog, really you are going to complain when you got a dog for free that was rescued? What is wrong with you? Maybe your vet is trying to make money off of you. Did you ever think about that? I find it amusing that you people want to bad mouth others but you don't consider how many pets have been thrown away in every city. I have never known of anyone that bought a pet from Granny and reported that she was mean to them. I went to at least 8 places before I bought my puppy. I will continue to recommend Granny and her puppies to everyone that I meet. She stands behind her guarantee and my puppy is awesome! Thanks Granny!!
  Justin Sullivan strikes again!   December, 2010
It is amazing that Justin Sullivan and his Pet Expo wrote all of the preceding comments. They buy puppies from "real breeders" and claim that they raised them. I have purchased 3 puppies from Granny Grumps Pups and they were ALL HEALTHY. I received the labels from the puppy shots that were given to my puppies. I have never seen a cleaner kennel where the puppies and their mommas had heat and a/c, clean blankets, lights, and circulated air. Anyone wanting to bash a real breeder should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe Justin Sullivan should spend some time learning how to be honest in his life instead of spending so much of his time acting like a weiner! No one else in San Antonio will guarantee their puppies like Granny Grumps! Her puppies are well loved and happy. Educate yourself when buying your puppy, ask to see where they live and what their parents look like! Granny Grumps is too smart to be affiliated with Justin Sullivan.
  granny grumps sux ass   December, 2010
we purchased a yorkie from this stupid lady and 2 weeks later the puppy is sick. vomiting, diarreah, blood in the stool...its just horrible. Now that the puppy is sick i am doing research and find so many HORRIBLE ratings on this woman and her stupid PUPPY MILL she has going. I advise anyone NOT to go to her...she is in it for the money and the poor puppies are not being taken care of. I would of done better getting a puppy from the Humane society.
  Beware of this breeder   December, 2010
This lady is bad. I bought a puppy from her and four days later it died. Broke all of our hearts. I did get a refund but I did not need the puppy to die. This lady goes by many names so be very careful.
  Elderly dog lovers beware of this puppy mill   December, 2010
Our elderly lady friend got a cute white Maltese puppy a week after her Yorkie died. The new puppy looked just adorable. The Vet examined get and found all sorts of problems: kennel cough,torn bellybutton,and many fleas. He remarked immediately this pup must be from a puppy mill and he is to report it to Better Business Bureau for their actions detrimental to the elderly. Please tell anyone know not to even contact this place. They need be stopped, as are so heartless. The dogs deserve so much better.
  Unhappy client of Granny Grumps Pups   October, 2010
I wish I had done my homework on Granny Grumps before getting a sick puppy from her. She and her friends are not honest in all their dealings. I believe she is a puppy mill and continues to sell ill puppies. I have contacted many people about her and her selling sick puppies at her home and at her little expos. They are looking into it but until Texas makes a law about this she will continue to get away with selling sick puppies and only caring about the dollar. Her answer is always to give her back your puppy for another. Why would anyone want to do that after falling in love with the puppy you picked out and trying to make your puppy is on the road to being better. I am a believer of what goes around will come back around. So I am adding my words to this list of buyer beware of this breeder and the puppy she sells you. Maybe one of us will get the law to do something about her and all the other people out there selling puppies not in the best of health.
  Be weary...   October, 2010
I just adopted a doxie from granny grumps this past weekend at the Alamo Pet Expo. Please be very careful adopting from her. I seriously believe that this is a puppy mill. The prices may be what drags you in but ask a lot of questions. My doxie has demodectic mange, a horrible ear/yeast infection, mature ear mites, worms (even though assured he was wormed twice), and some form of a cold (mucusy eyes and nose)... and this is just what the vet has been able to diagnose thus far. My doxie is severely under weight, weighting only 2.3lbs when he should be around 3-3.5 at 11 weeks old. When I contacted Jan (or Granny) she was very defensive and quick to anger. She stopped me, mid sentence, and told me just "bring the dog back" for my money. If I was concerned about the money, I would have no business adopting a pet. My main concern is getting him healthy but I am also worried about the other dogs she has in her care. She supposedly administers vaccines by herself which means no vet-endorsed shot records and no guarantees that the vaccines are properly stores and thus effective. She protects herself by noting in her contract that she's not responsible for the pet unless there is a vet-diagnosed congenital defect. This saves her from actually having to CARE for the pups. You may be lucky and get a healthy pup but PLEASE just do your research and ASK HER TO BACK UP HER CLAIMS WITH PAPERWORK!!!
  Texas   September, 2010
I personally do not rate this breeder high at all. She sold me a sick puppy and knew about it from the next morning after I got the puppy. She never asked me how the puppy was doing, she never told me to go to her vet, and she never offered to help with the added bills after saying her puppies are happy, healthy and the best. Never once Granny Grumps (Jan) lived up to what she says. Although she will offer to exchange or give your money back after you have paid to make your puppy better and you are attached to your new pet. After reading many things after I got my puppy from her I believe one should be very aware that this is a puppy mill and that they are out for just the money not the care of your puppy. I could go on and on about this company and all the other people that work with her. I hope that if you have anything to do with her and the people that take part in her expos that you don't go in blind as I did.
Please beware of having anything to do with Granny Grumps, her many company names and anyone that takes part in one of her Pet Expos.
  PUPPY MILL BEWARE   April, 2010
Please beware if considering purchasing a puppy from these people they go by several different names to include; Justin Sullivan, Melody Ranch Kennels. We bought a puppy from them and after only 15 hrs of having him we had to rush him to the vet we had so many health issues with our Yorkie he died after just 11 months. As for the guarantee you will get nothing but excuses or the offering of a completely different breed of dog. On several different visits to the home due to our puppy being so sick there were always cages and cages of sick dying puppies all over. We have had 3 Yorkies still have 2 of them and have never had the problems they claim are just part of the breed. This is so sad and these people need to be stopped. Just google the name and do your research so you don't have to face the heart ache our family and many others have had to face after purchasing a puppy from these people.