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Queen Anne's Gold

Queen Anne's Gold

Learn all about the Breeder Queen Anne's Gold located in Baraboo, Wisconsin. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
Queen Anne's Gold
Contact: Anne Simon
Location: Baraboo, WI 53913USA (see map)
Phone: 608-356-9529
Specialty: Golden Retriever
2 Ratings
Breeder History

Added To Site By Editor: May 2012
Date Last Updated: May, 2012

Breeder Reviews & Ratings
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  (2 Ratings)
  puppy   January, 2015   by
Bought a puppy from them, when we got there the placed smelled really bad of urine and was not very clean. Make sure that you get all the paper work before you leave, I tried calling 3 times so far and they have not returned my call yet. Have not received my AKC paper work.
  Do NOT go to Queen Anne's   August, 2013   by
Do NOT go to Queen Anne's Golden Retrievers in Baraboo, WI.

In April we adopted a puppy who we named Bailey. We immediately made her part of our family, so when she began to exhibit aggressive behavior, we worked with our veterinarian and a trainer. In July, when Bailey was four months old, we boarded her with the breeder. Although a responsible boarder would never put a young puppy by an adult male and an adult female in heat, Bailey was put into this situation. The adult male (who was Bailey's father) attacked Bailey, and Bailey's eye was dislodged from her head. She required hours of surgery, stitches both internally and externally, and she lost her eye.

Bailey eventually recovered quite well, but her aggressive behavior continued. She ended up biting a one-year-old girl, breaking the skin and drawing blood. She also bit my own daughter. We had to surrender her to be placed in an adult-only home.

I'm sure you can imagine the heartbreak my children, my husband, and I have gone through. And, poor Bailey had to suffer physically and then be displaced when really, the situation, bad genetics, wasn't her fault.

Despite how aggressive the male dog was, the breeder bred him twice more afterwards. There are puppies due to be born in September and adopted out in early November. I have tried contacting the police and animal control, but since the attack was "dog on dog," nothing will be done until there is at least one more incident.