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Goble Kennels

Goble Kennels

Learn all about the Breeder Goble Kennels located in Loudon, New Hampshire. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Contact: Don Brocious
Location: Loudon, NH USA (see map)
Phone: 603-738-9333
Specialty: German Shepherd
1 Rating
About Goble Kennels

Goble Kennels specializes in East German Shepherds. We are dedicated to producing healthy emotionally secure German Shepherds that are well suited as loving family companions, are equally adept as working dogs, great for sport and comfortable as therapy dogs. Our puppies and dogs have large bone, big heads with glorious silky coats available in black, black sable, red sable, sable, or bicolor (black and red). They are intelligent, adaptable and easily trained. Quality placement for our dogs and puppies is a priority for Goble Kennels.

Currently we have 2 awesome litters available. Beautiful 100%% black coats. Gorgeous black sables, and richly pigmented black and reds. These pups are well socialized with people and other dogs.

We are members of the AKC. Hip are OFA certified. Our dogs come with health guarantee, contract and puppy starter packet. We ship from Manchester, NH (MHT) and are PayPal verified.

Breeder History

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Date Last Updated: May, 2012

Breeder Reviews & Ratings
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  Poor Judgement   April, 2017   by
I advise not to buy from these women. First, the original owner and breeder is deceased (which I didn't know until arriving for the first meeting). However, they still advertise him as the person running the business and overseeing the breeding. Second, the conditions are not appropriate or big enough for multiple, high-energy dogs. Third, they manipulate and lie. I think these two traits are more associated with quick reaction and momentary poor judgement (at least I hope so). I was going to purchase a puppy, but they didn't want to sell to someone with knowledge or someone who could generally provide a good home. They are in over their heads. I am sure when the original owner was alive he did the business justice as I have heard good things about him. If you want a healthy puppy without the games go somewhere else. After lying many times and getting defensive, when I questioned about what was happening with the puppy, they returned my money. I'm sure I could have pursued this issue after what they lied about, but I really just hope that if the business continues they learn to manage it better and make better decisions. Instead, I went elsewhere and ended up with a wonderful, spirited, loving dog. I would just recommend if you do decide to purchase from them to be careful and thorough.
Edited by K, April, 2017