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Learn all about the Breeder HALLMAC KENNELS located in Sidney Center, New York. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Contact: Elizabeth Hall
Location: Sidney Center, NY USA (see map)
Phone: 607-265-3413
Specialty: German Shorthaired Pointer

Hallmac Kennels is known for producing calm and loving family pets that "turn on" in the field. A commitment to quality and high standards has produced versatile GSP's with excellent temperaments. Our GSP's have a high level of natural ability which result in excellent pets or hunting, field trial, agility and conformation winners. Our 2007 pups have excelled, scoring high, in AKC Hunt Tests and 2 perfect scores in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Tests. Our veterans have continued their on to their title goals as well. The outstanding pedigrees (which include 9 German Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Famers) are a proven factor in these GSP's which possess style, intelligence, stamina and a tremendous willingness to learn. They are social, terrific with children and other animals and thrive in just about any living situation, as long as they receive regular exercise and stimulation.

Hallmac Kennels careful and select breedings are based on temperament and ability first, then well-matched pedigrees. We do not breed for color. For us, it's a bonus, as we happen to have every color variation of the GSP, including the rare all liver and even rarer black GSP's. We have bred the black GSP's from a titled, direct German import, producing elegant, eye-catching and playful dogs that hunt with unbounded enthusiasm and style. The AKC recognizes the black GSP's in all categories but conformation (show), but as they are recognized in conformation everywhere else in the world, it won't be long now here for the AKC.

All of our pups/dogs are 100%% guaranteed against genetic defects or abnormalities. A sample contract is available upon request. Our GSP's are all AKC registered, some NAVHDA registered, studs are DNA registered, and most have been certified with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). References upon request.

There are two litters currently available.

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