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Nevena's Truelove Havanese

Nevena's Truelove Havanese

Learn all about the Breeder Nevena's Truelove Havanese located in Fallbrook, California. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Contact: Nevena
Location: Fallbrook, CA USA (see map)
Specialty: Havanese
17 Ratings
About Nevena's Truelove Havanese

Our healthy happy puppies are coming from champion bloodlines. They are from AKC parents with complete health testing including yearly CERF, BAER, patella, hips, cardio, leg-calve-perthes. Their colors are rare and beautiful chocolate, black parti as well as brindle and sable parti. We provide a generous puppy starter package with everything you need including sales contract with health guarantee. Our puppies are loved and raised in family room and will only be placed in caring approved homes. By the time puppies go to their new homes they have been vet checked several times, and had their dew claws removed and first vaccinations. We currently have puppies ready to go to new homes. Please visit our website for current pictures of our Havanese family!

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Added To Site By Editor: May 2012
Date Last Updated: May, 2012

Breeder Reviews & Ratings
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  (17 Ratings)
  Lucky is a great Havanese puppy   October, 2013
Lucky is now 9 months old. What a joy he is! He loves to play ball, go for walks and is so affectionate and friendly. We are currently enrolled in puppy training classes. Lucky is so smart and knows all of the basic commands. He will graduate next week. Nevena helped me choose the right puppy for me. Lucky was the perfect choice. Thanks for letting me adopt such a sweet little guy.
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   March, 2013   by
I have recently discovered that three of Nevena’s puppies are even better than two.
Nevena is a great breeder and a perfectionist devoted to a Havanese breed standard. Her puppies are raised in a loving home with plenty of clean space to play and develop. They are strong, healthy and beautiful little bundles of joy always eager to meet their possible adopters.
I have adopted three such bundles of joy from Nevena within the last two years. I have two chocolate parti girls and one black Irish pied boy. I have fallen in love with all three of them when I saw their pictures on Nevena’s website before I even got to meet them in person. They are very sweet, affectionate, eager to please and intelligent dogs. They have gorgeous soft and shiny long coats, beautiful faces that everybody admires and are full of personality. Isabella and Angelo are grown up now. Victoria is still a puppy. They always act happy; love to spend time with me and with each other. They enjoy playing, running and going for hikes in our local mountains. They also adore sitting in my lap and sleeping next to me in bed with their bellies up. They pretty much like to do the same thing I am doing at the moment. If it is time to be active, they are full of energy and very playful. When I say it is bedtime they are ready to go to sleep. I cannot imagine my life without them. I love my Havanese!
Anya Jingle
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   March, 2013
I seriously researched dog breeds and breeders before purchasing a 10 month old Havanese puppy from Nevena. Gypsy and I have been traveling in my RV for two months now. She is just the best travel companion. She is content to nap most of the time when we are on the road, and then she explodes with joy when we finally arrive at our destination. While I make camp she races around as though she has > a bee up her butt < truly, this is the best way of describing her antics. She is always happy, always eager to please. Training her has been a snap. Like my Boarder Collie before her, she is extremely sensitive to my voice, and she wants so much to get it right that it only takes her a few times before she has it down. This is a breed that with large amounts of gentleness and fun will learn anything you want.
She is the very best therapy for me. She is a real clown, always on the lookout for something fun to do.
In the evenings she is content to sit in my lap while I read my book and mindlessly brush her coat.
My Gypsy is everything I had hoped for and more. With her alongside me my world is getting brighter everyday!
You can't go wrong choosing Nevena's Truelove Havanese as your breeder. Nevena takes great care in helping you through the process of choosing and aquiring a new puppy. Your emails to her will be promptly answered and best of all she follows through after you have your puppy, making sure that all is well and that you and your new friend are happy. I would not hesitate to do business with her again in the future.
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   March, 2013
We love, love, love our Havanese. We are first time dog owners and have a small child. Waffles (Java) has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She was very easy to train and is such a love bug! She also isn't a huge barker, like some little dogs can be. Nevena is very professional and was easy to work with. We did look around at other breeders, but Nevena was our final, and best, choice.

Anne L.
  Two of Nevena's Havanese are better than (even) one!   January, 2012
I was lucky that the man I married came with a dog, an adorable Nevena Havanese. It took a little time to figure out whether I was in love with the man or the dog. The dog is so sweet & playful! A year ago, we decided to bring another puppy home. We traveled to Los Vegas & spent time visiting puppies in Nevena's home. It was good to see all of her dogs are well cared for, healthy and loved. We flew home with puppy in hand. After a 2 week adjustment, dog and the new puppy are best of friends. We could not be more happy. We love that Nevena insures the breed is healthy and strong. Our favorite time with our dogs is outdoors on hikes and road trips. They are the best companions we could ever ask for. We have definitely discovered that Two of Nevena's Truelove Havanese are better than (even) one!
  Our beautiful Dante   December, 2011
We did a lot of research on finding a breed and a good breeder. We decided on a Havanese and on Nevena's Truelove Havanese. We have had Dante a little over two years now and he is "our boy". We take him everywhere with us. My husband travels on business and Dante and I go along for the drive and our hotel stay. Dante is a 5 star travel dog. He is so good and enjoys it all. We have even found hotels with dog friendly rooms, beds and restaurants. His loving and gentle nature and his beautiful looks are a compliment to Nevena for sure! Our kids are grown, married and have children of their own, so we look at Dante as our child and are loving every minute to it. Thanks, Nevena
  Our beautiful Dante   December, 2011
My husband and I did a lot of research on breeds and breeders before choosing a Havanese and our breeder, Nevena's Truelove Havanese.
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   December, 2011
We got our Havanese, Dante two years ago. We did a lot of research before deciding on a Havanese and before deciding on Nevena's Truelove.
  Montgomery Ward   September, 2011
Good Afternoon Nevena :)

I pray that you are well! I thought that I would send you a photo of Montgomery or Monty as we call him (your Ashton)

He is growing up so quick and maturing into a fine puppy. We absolutely love him! He brings so much joy to our family. He is super social and makes friends like crazy at our dog park in Wisconsin. He is eager to learn and do tricks too.....especially for food or treats. :)

Montgomery is extremely handsome and cute at the same time. His canter is light, confident and playful. His markings and coat colors are gorgeous! We get so many compliments on him, it is unreal....from our vet to passerbys. He is so affectionate and wants to be at our side at all times. When walking him at the park, he has an invisible leash never far from me. I love him so, as does my husband.

Thank you for your diligence in caring for your "boys" and your "girls". They make the most beautiful puppies.

Blessings to you!

  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   July, 2011
We bought our first dog ever from Nevena May 2010. I did a lot of research on what a good breeder should do and Nevena met every requirement on my list. I met with a trainer before we picked up the puppy and had a list of 5 tests to do on the puppy to check for socialization. Nevena said it was fine for me to test 3 puppies but all of them would be good. My family wanted the puppy they picked from the website but I told them we had to run the tests. The one the family wanted passed with flying colors. We have now had him for over a year. He is physically beautiful and smart and sweet. He is a fast learner and has a lovely disposition. He loves a good belly rub as well as a good game of soccer in the backyard. He is trained to go to the side of the house to potty. I didn't think we'd be able to teach him to go out of the house across the backyard and turn left to the side alley, but he does it on his own. We are always delighted to find that he has goes potty there on his own and not in the grass. Nevena responds quickly to emails and was lovely to work with. I highly recommend her puppies!
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   June, 2011
We adopted our beautiful 8 month old chocolate parti puppy two months ago and are truly in love with him. His name is Harley (after my husband's Harley Davidson motorcycle). We travel in our motorhome, from Mesquite, Nv. to Washington state each year to campground host in State Parks, in the fall we head back to Nevada. Harley is having a fantastic time traveling, he is a perfect little traveler and really seems to enjoy all the moving around from area to area. He saw his first seagulls a few days ago and was very interrested. He finally got to play with another puppy and would like to play with my brother-in-laws cat (the cat won't cooperate). We are pleased Harley took to traveling so easily, when traveling down the road he whimpers if he has to go to the bathroom (something he didn't do at home, he would just come and look at us and we would have to guess what he wanted). When parked, he rings the bells attached to the strap by the motorhome door to alert us. He is excited about all the new sights, sounds, smells, new people to meet. Harley has given us hours of enjoyment. Thank you so much, Nevena.
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   June, 2011
We purchased our chocolate parti Havanese, Rex in December of 2010 and he is now eight months old. He is truly a joy! When we decided to bring a second dog into our family we only considered another Havanese, having had such a wonderful experience with our first Havanese who is now 3 years old. Finding a reputable breeder was our top priority and we feel that is exactly what we found with Nevena. Rex is not only in top physical health but temperamentally he is so enjoyable. He just loves to be included in all family activities and is a great little traveler, but he’s equally content to lie beside you and have his tummy tickled (a favorite morning ritual). It’s so much fun to see him play with Dash and his half-brother, Desi, another one of Nevena's beautiful dogs adopted by my cousin’s family! We are so happy to have Rex in our family and we're so grateful to Nevena for dedicting herself to breeding such wonderful dogs!
  Nevena's beautiful puppies   June, 2011
I purchased my Sophia from Nevena in 2006 and my Moochie in 2007. Having had other breeds in the past I was not sure what a Havanese was going to be like. To my delight my 2 havanese are the healthiest, happiest and most wonderful dogs I have ever owned. Since that 1st purchase Nevena and I have become friends and I visit her at her home whenever I am in Vegas which is usually twice a year. Her dogs are always healthy, happy and well socialized. This can only happen when the Breeder is truly dedicated to her dogs and makes sure they go to the loving type of home she would provide. She is an excellent, caring breeder who knows the havanese breed and strieves to maintain excellence in her dogs.
  Nevena's Incredible Havanese!!!   June, 2011
I am a happy owner of two Havanese from Nevena. I have met her, I have met many of her adult dogs, been to her home, spoken many times, referred friends for more puppies, and I will go back to her exclusively when I am ready for a dog in the future. Nevena is so knowledgeable that I thought she was a vet, her dogs and puppies are more important than anything to her, and she strives for the health and betterment of the breed. My dogs, Elvis and Lucy, are so loving, smart, beautiful, sweet, hilarious, and are a huge part of our lives. I thank Nevena for her devotion to the Havanese breed and the perfect additions to our family!
  Nevena's Truelove Havanese   June, 2011
We adopted a beautiful Havanese boy from Nevena back in December of 2010. Our beautiful little boy just turned a year old this June. He is the most loving and playful little dog. We named him Desi Arnaz after the Cuban singer/actor. Nevena is a wonderful breeder! She really loves and cares for her puppies. She makes sure everything is free from germs so they do not get sick. Our little Desi is a very healthy and loving little dog. He is great with kids and other animals. Nevena truly breeds her puppies with love and care! If you are interested in a Havanese, this is definitely the breeder to visit.
  Loving Puppy   June, 2010
We adopted a puppy from Nevena just four weeks ago. He is sweet, smart and has the most beautiful coat. Nevena is there to answer all your questions. The puppy we adopted was clearly healthy and well cared for. He is wonderful with my kids, great with other animals he meets and a joy to have. If I could do it all again I would choose Nevena.
  Nevena's puppies   May, 2010
I have now adopted my third puppy. These dogs are happy, healthy and wonderful. My vet cannot get over their confirmation and beautiful coats. He wrote "fantastic" on the last check up. Nevena is always available for questions. The starter package includes everything you might need including a baby blanket the mother has slept with, a toy played with by the puppies and new book on Havanese among other things. I can't say enough about this great breeder! Linda, Las Vegas