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Jessica Feliciano

Jessica Feliciano

Learn all about the Trainer Jessica Feliciano located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305USA (see map)
Phone: 609-408-1447
1 Rating
About Jessica Feliciano

Train Without Pain! Humane dog training builds a strong relationship between you and your dog while paying attention to the needs of you BOTH. A mutual understanding makes life more enjoyable for all.

Additional Details

Private lessons offered to help you transition your new or existing dog into being a well adjusted member of the family. I train with humane, positive reinforcement based methods only. Everything from basic obedience to aggression can be taught without pain or intimidation! Learn how to understand your dog and how to teach your dog to understand you, in order to communicate effectively and enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

Trainer Certifications

  • ABCDT - Certified by (graduated from) Animal Behavior College

Trainer History

Added To Site By Editor: March 2013
Date Last Updated: March, 2013

Trainer Reviews & Ratings
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  Chase Guenther   August, 2013
I love jess as a trainer and as a good person. I hope to see her again since I can see how dedicated she is and I want to thank you for all your help jess. Love you, and thanks for housebreaking us lol I miss you. hopefully you still want me to come vsit you for IO am Moving out of state.