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Lisa Hollander

Lisa Hollander

Learn all about the Trainer Lisa Hollander located in Lexington, Kentucky. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Location: Lexington, KY 40509USA (see map)
Phone: 859-333-4200
1 Rating
About Lisa Hollander

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I teach group and private obedience/behavior modification classes for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. I identify and address individual dog behavioral problems so I can develop and implement behavior modifications for you to apply. I teach my classes using positive reinforcement so that you and your dog can enjoy learning together.

Trainer Certifications

  • ABCDT - Certified by (graduated from) Animal Behavior College

Trainer History

Added To Site By Editor: March 2013
Date Last Updated: March, 2013

Trainer Reviews & Ratings
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  Waste of Time and $   December, 2013
Throw your $200 out the window right now and then call another trainer. We did Lisa’s beginning obedience class with our puppy and wasted our money and our time. After the class, our dog performed simple commands but was not at all well behaved otherwise. He learned to work for food, not for us, and no respect was established between us at all. Do not expect her to help you with anything like puppy nipping, leash biting, jumping, etc. Her only piece of advice for correcting a misbehaving dog is to either ignore the behavior or to spray them in the mouth with vinegar. While these might work at times, it is not building a relationship with your dog based on mutual respect. If your dog ignores you if you don’t have treats or a spray bottle after they know their commands, there is a problem.
If you are still considering taking her class, I would advise you to do a few things. Get a copy of the class schedule so you know the commands she will be teaching. Our dog knew most of them before starting the class. At the end of the class, he was probably still the only dog in the entire class that could perform them perfectly every time. Ask what her graduation percentage is – if it’s as low as it was for our class, I would wonder why that might be the case. If your dog already knows some of the commands, find a class with another trainer that will teach you the basics as well as what you don’t already know and offer helpful and effective behavioral advice at the same time. I would also get in writing the dates the class is meeting. A couple weeks into our class she postponed some of our sessions to take a vacation, which was extremely unprofessional. We had previously rearranged our schedules to attend her class so the change in dates was very inconvenient for us but we could not get a refund.
Even though our dog had an easy time with this class, we are starting over with another trainer so that he not only follows commands but is actually a well behaved dog that sees us as the leader, not a spray bottle.