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Melissa Dani Miller

Melissa Dani Miller

Learn all about the Trainer Melissa Dani Miller located in Veradale, Washington. View contact info and get directions, read user reviews and ratings, breeds they specialize in, and more.
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Location: Veradale, WA 99037USA (see map)
About Melissa Dani Miller

Pet Trainer at Petsmart

Classes taught: Puppy, Basic, Advanced, Click-a-Trick, and Potty training workshop. All classes use positive reinforcement and food luring (I will teach you how to wean off the treats). All classes are designed for good manners and convenient commands. We can work through problem behaviors to help you live harmoniously with your dog.

Trainer Certifications

  • ABCDT - Certified by (graduated from) Animal Behavior College

Trainer History

Added To Site By Editor: March 2013
Date Last Updated: March, 2013

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