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Why do my dogs constantly stay close to me?

Why do my dogs constantly stay close to me?

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Posted by:  Muscular
Post date:  April, 2011

I have 2 labs (males) that i've had since they were puppies. They are both 10 years old now. Wherever i go in my house they are always close behind which is good in a sense but when i'm doing chores such as laundry it can get kind of hectic. sometimes if i'm just relaxing i'll leave the room to see if they follow and they always do. Why is it that they do this? edit: they don't want anything, if i'm in a room for few minutes they lay down, it's just they have to be in the same room as me


1. It's called pack mentality. You hold a higher status in your pack than they do, and therefore they want to follow you and be right there with you. My two dogs (Great Dane and Dane/Lab mix) do this as well. They just want to be close to you and show affection
Posted by:  Sara
Post date:  April, 2011
2. They love you. Clearly they are wanting to be around you which is a good thing in a dog. If it annoys you put them in a sit stay or in your yard while you are doing chores.
Posted by:  SuperNova
Post date:  April, 2011
3. they are loyal dogs hon
Posted by:  Peggy S
Post date:  April, 2011
4. They love you too much to be away from you that's all.
Posted by:  A. G.
Post date:  April, 2011
5. aww they love you, give them some attention, show them that you love them back!
Posted by:  Whatsittoya Bob
Post date:  April, 2011
6. You are their master. You have been their from day 1 rain or shine. You have set boundaries and trained them which they are happy for. You have been their when they where hurt. They have been there for you in more ways than you think. THEY love you.
Posted by:  Bully Breeds Rule - Blame The Owner Not The Breed.
Post date:  April, 2011
7. Your dogs love you and want to be doing what you are doing. Dogs are naturally protective and curious animals. They are trying to help. I have the same problem with my two Border Collies. My suggestion is that if you're doing something and you need them out of your way; put them outside or lock them in a room until you are done with your chores. Then let them out and then everyone is happy=) I hope I helped you!!
Posted by:  Bethany George
Post date:  April, 2011
8. Well they are emotionally attached to you and want to protect you. They depend on you for love food and everything else when dogs get old they get more and more mellow. They just get curious and want to be sure your there you can always get a baby gate if you want it.
Posted by:  Ke$ha*4*eva
Post date:  April, 2011

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