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my dog's erection won't go down?

my dog's erection won't go down?

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Post date:  May, 2011

I have a daschund/shitzu mixed 7-month old dog. His 'red rocket' has been protruded out for the last 20 minutes or so. He was humping his toy earlier. He hasn't been fixed yet. I was doing a little research online and it says, if it hasn't decreased after 20 minutes, I'd have to take it to the vet and waiting over an hour can cause permanent damage. This seems kind of excessive to me and wanted to see if I should go to the vet now or if I can wait a little longer?


1. Spray his penis with cold water or even apply some ice to it. And please stop allowing him to hump things and get him neutered.
Posted by:  Pamela
Post date:  January, 0001
2. I would definitely check it out. He could just be over excited. My friend had the same problem, although the Vet wasn't open so he called a hot line and they suggested to allow him to hump a toy to enable him to ejaculate, thus calming him down and stopping the erection, and it worked. Although, he had some cleaning to do.
Posted by:  Daniel D
Post date:  May, 2011
3. Well You can try a couple things. 1) you can place your Dog in the bath using lukewarm to a little chilled water and see if it comes Down. 2) using a latex glove you can help your dog ejaculate this may help. Or take your dog to the vet and get the Profestional help your research has said. I hope your Dog is alright none the less. Good luck with your selection.
Posted by:  Ramia5050
Post date:  May, 2011
4. Whatever you do, don't try to pull the sheath down yourself. Usually they just lick themselves, and once the 'excitement' has stopped, it pops back in. However, you are right, it can 'dry' which is going to make it very painful for him to go back to normal. I'm not sure about permanent damage as to be honest, none of my males has ever experienced this (I usually stop this activity before it gets that intense, if any of mine have done this - which most haven't!!). Personally I'd give the vet a call, if he's open, and take his advice. It might be a good idea to have them sort him out. By the way, don't count on castration stopping this behaviour because it won't, necessarily. This is down to you to stop him when be starts this. Gently!! And up his exercise so he shouldn't have quite as much excess energy. This is mainly a dominance thing in any case. Add I do hate all this TDing that goes on on the DS, especially when the information given is CORRECT. Now watch, there will be more .....................
Posted by:  MamaBas
Post date:  May, 2011
5. Spray his penis with cold water or even apply some ice to it. And please stop allowing him to hump things and get him neutered.
Posted by:  Pamela D.
Post date:  May, 2011

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