How do we calculate pricing? How do we calculate pricing?

Pricing & Costs

Not all breeds are priced the same way; some are bred champions and others recreationally. Some breeds follow Hollywood trends, and some are rarely bred at all driving up their prices. The lowest price we've ever had advertised for the is $0; the most expensive price is $0. Generally the average costs around to purchase. Keep this in mind when you see the prices vary greatly within our listings. If you don’t mind having the runt of the litter, or a pup who is far from a champion , by all means explore the cheaper options. But if you want a model pup you’re likely going to have to pay for it. Just be sure you’re not supporting a backyard breeder or abusive owner as sadly these days we see far too many of them around.

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Lifetime Total Cost of Ownership

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Expense First Year Annual Cost Lifetime Cost (0-0 yrs)
Low High Low High Low High
Minimum Cost of Ownership N/A
Maximum Cost of Ownership N/A

*This table is only meant to be used as a guide, every owner makes their own individual decisions when it comes to spending money on their pets. Feel free to edit this info by clicking the links next to each item and plugging in your own estimates, all the estimated expenses will automatically adjust based on your own estimates.